Cold-Rolled Stainless Steel Coils and Sheets

Basically, Jinling Steel stocks the most common and widely-accepted grades of stainless steel, such as stainless steel 304,304L,316L,201-J series,430,410S,409L,439.

Product Details

Regular specifications for the cold-rolled stainless steel coils:

Width 1 meter 4 feet 5 feet
Thickness 0.3mm~3.0mm 0.3mm~5.0mm 0.3mm~3.0mm

Surface Treatment 

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Finish Code Processing Method and Application
2D This finish is not reflective and is made through cold rolling, heat treatment and pickling. Its typical uses include petrochemical plants, auto parts, construction materials and pipes.
2B This finish is made by applying a light cold rolling pass to No.2D. It is more reflective and less rough and provides better mechanical properties than No.2D. It is commonly used for almost all applications.
No.4 This finish is made through polishing with 150-180 grit abrasives. High grit numbers create finer polishing lines and more reflective finishes than No.3. This finish is widely used for bathtubs, architectural materials and food processing.
HL Featuring a series of patterns, this finish is made through polishing with moderate grit abrasives. Its common uses include sashes, doors or other panels of buildings.
BA This finish is made through cold rolling, bright annealing, heat treatment and then a light cold rolling pass. It is widely used for applications where a highly reflective surface is desired, including home appliances, small mirrors, kitchen appliances and architectural materials.
No.8 No.8 finish also known as #8, 8K or mirror finish. This finish requires a base material of 2B or BA finish to process. Accoding to different machines and demands, #8 can be polished in coil or sheet to attain a mirror-like effect. Brightness is over 1300 GU(20 degrees); Roughness is smaller than 0.02um. It is widely used in logo, architectural decorations, exquisite fabrication.

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stainless steel balustrade suppliers  stainless steel balustrade suppliers

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