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Jinling Steel consists of two branches—— Jinling Metals and Jinling Steel Solutions.

Founded in 1997, Jinling Steel started the journey of being a leading and reliable stainless steel supplier to our clients. For over 20 years, we are dedicating to produce stainless steel plates, coils, and pipes with high quality. With the expansion of the customer base, our services also varied to meet the growing demands. In 2012, we establish a fabrication center, Jinling Steel Solutions as a branch of Jinling Steel and we classified our raw materials business to our raw materials station, Jinling Metals. Jinling Steel Solutions has soon become an outstanding supplier with capabilities of consult, design, manufacture, and after-sales service.

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It is our faith to bring Jinling Steel’s products into more homes and buildings. The railing system is our choice, for its wide usage and the function of safety, so we set up four series systems and it turns out insanely great. Please take your time to explore our railing series, including glass railing, baluster railing, wall-mounted railing, and particular Jinling railing series. Of course, as a fabricator, one of our strengths in the railing project is that we are able to produce dimensions according to your specific demands. Your opinions and needs are the things we care much.

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Our works stand for Jinling Steel. In Jinling Metals, we equipped with the Oil Grinding Machine (No.4, HL, SB finish). Products processed from the machine can be approved by the SGS certificate about salt spray test, Hohs test. In Jinling Steel Solutions, you can require a CAD or 3D draft before we send you the sample. During processing, from raw materials choosing to delivery, every step is under our strict standards. Why not us? Jinling Steel is the one-stop supplier you are looking for.  

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JinLing Steel has a passion to provide a better solution for the customer who needs professional stainless steel manufacture.

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Frequently Asked Question

What is the advantage equipment of Jinling steel have?

Sheet metal laser cutting machine(15KW power), AMADA CNC punch and bending machine, tube laser cutting machine with automatic loading and unloading platform.

How do Jinling Steel make a good control quality and save cost efficiently?

We provide one-stop service from the supply of stainless steel materials and the design of your ideas to the manufacture and completion of the final product, we do all the work in the entire enterprise system.

Can I bespoke products for my project?

We are experienced in railing project, and we always receive project requiring different details. As long as you provide us the drawing no matter it is a sketch or CAD, we can custom your products based on it.

What should I make clear for the first inquiry?

a. Product specification (material & grade, size, surface); b. Quantities; c. Product drawing or fabrication drawing.

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