The Iconic Stairs in Movies

To convey feelings to audiences through a scene, every shot in movies is meticulously designed to completely construct the story and world that is reasonable enough to its audiences. Therefore, what you can see in the movie ar

March 15, 2021 See Detail

The Impressive Stair Handrails || Episode1

Have you ever got confused about the popping-up interior designs? The elements in a design seem giddy and complicated, or sometimes useless. Many problems happened is not because people are not aware of design but they lay too m

January 29, 2021 See Detail

Do You Know You Are Living In A Bauhaus World?

Take a look around, the building, the interior decoration, the illumination, the chair, the table, your clothes, the book cover design, geometrical design and so on, almost on everything, you can find the trace of Bauhaus. 

December 08, 2020 See Detail