Sheet metal laser cutting introduction:

High-quality laser cutting with different kinds of materials of various thickness is easy without high personnel and maintenance costs.
High-speed cutting, high-precision movement and high-speed perforation, can obtain high-quality and high-precision material processing products, greatly improving production efficiency and pass rate.

The actual factory is equipped with 2 laser cuttings:

1. Type:Fiber cutting
Power: 6KW
Max thickness: 20mm
Processing area:2000 x 6000
2. Type:Fiber cutting
Power: 15KW
Max thickness: 50mm
Processing area:2000 x 6000

Tube laser cutting introduction:

Automatic loading and unloading platform
Fully automatic loading and unloading platform, high-speed tube change, easy continuous cutting, to ensure long-term efficient work.
High-precision positioning can realize a variety of pipe types and a variety of thickness pipe cutting.
With high automation, five-axis linkage, ultra-fast rotation, movement and high-precision positioning, it can cut stably in 24 hours.
OD of tube: 20mm-180mm
Length of tube: ≤6200

CNC Bending machine:

1)worktable crowing system by hand-wheel or by motor. Programmable crowing system V-axis
2)Automatic back-gauge system with high precision
3)CNC controller

Our press brakes are very suitable for processing large and small projects. The capabilities of the machine is 3200Kn press force with 6000mm working length. A sound factory management system keeps the order error rate close to zero, and more importantly, ensures the safety of workers.

Welding process:

We can provide various welding technologies such as MIG, TIG, ARC, etc. More than 20 experienced welders ensure the highest quality service and operation safety。Worker safety is our most important thing。We have a wide range of welding auxiliary tools to make welding process keep stable。Besides, efficient plant management system allows us to supply large quantities of welded workpieces and large welded products in a short period of time。