Tsingshan steel pipe UNS NO2200 successfully entered the Brazilian market

Recently, zhejiang Tsingshan steel tube co., LTD., a subsidiary of Tsingshan industry, obtained a batch of UNS NO2200 production orders from Braskem, the world's leading bioppolymer producer. The products will be reprocessed at a local finishing plant for the manufacture of heat exchangers.

In recent years, Tsingshan steel pipe has followed the "vacancy" in the market and the need to develop new products. The project transformation of seamless steel pipe production line is carried out, and the potential of equipment is deeply explored. Finally, the UNS NO2200 new products are successfully developed and produced by overcoming the difficulties such as large hardening rate of materials and difficulty in cold deformation and pickling of oxide skin.
It is understood that UNS NO2200 as a commercial pure nickel, magnetic properties, magnetostrictive strong, thermal conductivity and conductivity, gas content, evaporation pressure, with good mechanical properties and excellent corrosion resistance. Strong corrosion resistance makes it widely used in food, artificial fiber, caustic soda and other fields that need to ensure product purity, and also widely used in electronic and electrical parts, aerospace and missile parts and other fields. 

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