Let me show you the traditional Beijing

In the process of urban development, a large number of traditional buildings of “Siheyuan”, traditional Beijing courtyards are gradually disappearing, and the most indispensable elements of Beijing-style culture are Hutongs which are alleys formed by “Siheyuan”. To understand the “Hutongs” culture, the first thing you have to learn is the Dongsi Museum, which is one of the earliest hutong districts in Beijing, the most densely populated area and best place for Hutong scecery as well. It’s displayed in the form of architecture, space, public art and multimedia, showing the fading traditional Beijing life. Now, let's go and see the Dongsi Museum!

The “tile”, the core element of the Beijing courtyards building, has become the symbol of historical architecture. It uses art installations to evoke the protection of historical and cultural street and prevent “tile” from becoming history.

As a space for cultural practice and experience, the Dongsi Museum has expanded into a cultural and educational center for the theme of urban development in the Dongsi Region, and is also an attempt to break through cultural innovation.
But the most important thing is the visual impact about the fusion of stainless steel art and traditional Chinese architecture in modern life. In this museum, in addition to the traditional courtyard buildings, it also adds new artistic elements. The two art sculptures, Moon Shadow and Star sky, connect the inside and outside yards. The creativity comes from the cognition of the ancient people. The lines and materials make the ancient courtyards artistically stylish.


Moon Shadow which is the 12.7-meter-long stainless steel artwork is like a bond between time and space.
Star sky - the Chinese constellation was engraved on the stainless steel sphere in the outer courtyard which make a connection with the Moon Shadow. It leads a main line of time and space.

Dongsi Museum is the fusion of art and traditional architecture. You can often find architectural boutiques inadvertently. The charm of this is also necessary for visitors to explore and discover.

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