One and Only! Super Fancy Car, 100% Made of Stainless Steel!

You must be very curious that how stainless steel is used to manufacture a car while actually, it is not suitable. Does the car exist? Who is bald to make it a try?
Well, keep your eyes on here and let me show you around.

For the first question, the car does exist!

The body of this 911 is made of stainless steel, which can be driven legally in the local area. However, though it is available, since 1974 it has been included in the collection of Deutsches Museum. Probably it is out of its uniqueness.

For the second question, who has such bravery and creativity to do this.

As it is known to all, Porsche is a large-scale, long-established sports car manufacturer as well as one of the most profitable car manufacturers.Dating back to 1900, since Porsche 911 has been in public in 1963, there has launched models of seven generations, being famous around the world for its unique style and brilliant durability. Porsche 911 is one of the most legendary models of Porsche in Germany even in the world.

▲The gleaming shiny 911S in 1967.

The wired thing is that there is no record about the production or test of this car in Porsche.Such a unique and attractive car is supposed to be well- known, but its history is a mystery.

In Porsche’s archives, there is only one scanning page of this stainless steel 911S published on Porsche's special edition. 
Reported that in 1967, it was the first time for Porsche 911S to exhibit in the public in IAA (Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung). Since then,  Heinz Tottmann, the manager of Stainless Steel Information Center of Düsseldorf, carried out a road test on it for 150,000km ( around 93,200miles) lasting for 7 years. The curator of Deutsches Museum found from the archives that this stainless steel 911S registered in Stainless Steel Information Center and filled in Porsche as its manufacturer.

Did the Stainless Steel Information Center aim to promote the stainless steel industry by customizing a stainless steel Porsche 911S? It is still a secret to us.

The body of 911S seems to be made of cold-rolled steel, manufactured by hand and machine and never being painting. After 150,000km driving, the car did not rust and it attracted people’s sight wherever it went, introduced by Tottmann to medium in 1972. Stainless Steel Information Center was satisfied with this bespoke 911 which was beyond expectation. Even though the result was surprisingly excellent, because of the high cost, it is impossible to put into producing cars by using stainless steel on a large scale. Tottmann mentioned that the price of this unique 911 is two times of the normal one.

Except for the body part, this 911 was manufactured by Porsche. It is equipped with an air-cooled 2.0-liter six-cylinder engine that can output 160 horsepower. The weight of it is 2,270 pounds (around 1,030kg) which is 110 pounds (around 50kg)lighter than the traditional car. It is a pity that such a unique 911 is only exhibited in the Museum. From a book by Boschen and Barth, we can find an interesting detail about the 911S that this 911S was one of the three stainless steel cars exhibited in the Deutsches Museum, which contradicted with an article published on Motorwelt in 1967 where it said 911S is the one and only model. 

If it is true, the other two cars were manufactured in 1968 or later. You can imagine that sometimes when you wandering in the German countryside, the gleaming 911is hiding behind the hayrick.

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