Get down to people's living safety  —— Domestic Construction Guardrail Project 

Location: Zhuhai, China
Construction type: Apartment
Coverage: 56,000 ㎡
Products provided by Jinling Steel: Guardrails in the balconies and windows
Quantity: 1,158 houses

The guardrail project is now in the producing stage. The main buildings of the first phase are all well completed. Jinling railing team was invited to the spot to supervise the application of our products in the sample house. With the sample room approved, we immediately arrange our production lines down on earth. As per the production schedule that both parties agreed,the whole production will be completed before June 2021.

According to our previous communications, we knew that they prefer aluminum alloy as the main material. Also, to match the design concept of the apartments which is new Chinese retro style, we proposed a bronze coating on the guardrail, which remains in the following amendments. With these basic understandings, the following changes mainly were about compositions of posts, the thickness of glass. An important factor during the process was our qualification to produce, which is an essential requirement of our partner for our factory.  

And finally, we brought the below proposal (part) to the bid.   

Product Details:

Zhuhai is a seaside city in Southern China where it is of long summer, wet, high-temperature, and suffers a lot of typhoons. The weather conditions have already set up the basic requirements on the products—— strong anti-corrosion and high wind resistance. 

Therefore we came up with the following solutions to ensure the durability of the guardrail in the balcony.

  • 3mm thick aluminum profile - concentrated load 200 lb (90.17 Kg) point load at any direction at the handrail
  • 8+0.76PVB+8 tempered glass - better capacity of wind resistance
  • fluorocarbon coating - better UV resistance, weather resistance and durable
Meanwhile, for the window guardrail, we also adopted the same coating technique and color.

1.Guardrail- balcony


2.Guardrail- window



On spot:

To make sure the products are well fitted to reality, our team went to the spot to make supervision to finalize the actual detailed plan. This step is important because it helps to minimize the loss and maximize efficiency in future construction.

During Negotiation:

Throwing back to the earlier work, we would like to share one point that might give you a hint in cooperating with us.

What to do to make out a plan that is close to our partner? 

Giving out design drafts, 3D simulations is one of our schemes to win the bid. Based on times of communication with Party A, and our throughout understandings of the industry, the product design and budget finally came to equilibrium. 

guardrail project-guardrail project-guardrail project-guardrail project

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