New type stainless steel.J444E officially on-line production in JISCO

New type stainless steel.J444E officially on-line production in JISCO.

The J444E is mainly used in the automotive industry. It uses in the exhaust gas reprocessing process. Through this process, the exhaust gas is reused to improve the combustion efficiency of the engine, and then the emission pollution is reduced, so that the automobile engine is more energy-saving and   environmental protection.

Why does JISCO develop J444E?

In order to comply with the pollutant discharge limit regulations of the CHINA VI Emission Standard, the EGR cooler has become an essential accessory for vehicles, and JISCO has developed an ultra-pure ferrite stainless steel J444E for EGR coolers.

Compared with the traditional 444 stainless steel, what’s the adjustments of JISCO for the J444E?

The J444E has the following improvements compared with the traditional 444 :
1. In the aspect of chemical composition, it is removed the harmful elements of brazing performance and optimize the ratio of key alloy elements.
2. The purity of molten steel and the Isometric crystal ratio are better controlled.
3. The hot rolled and cold rolled process systems are optimized to achieve better finished product performance.

What are the optimizations of J444E mechanical performance after adjustment?

After these improvements, the J444E has the better optimized performance:
1. High temperature strength and oxidation resistance;
2. Corrosion resistance;
3. High temperature brazing performance;
4. Cold forming properties;
5. Regular physical properties.
These optimizations can improve the safety of the EGR finished product during use and increase its service life.

Used in EGR coolers, is it a stricter requirement for stainless steel?

The overall development direction of stainless steel is refined, and better solutions are proposed for materials needed in various fields. The environmental requirements for its use are more stringent. We believe that to meet these conditions, the material must have the following characteristics:
1. Excellent low and high temperature strength properties, good high temperature creep resistance;
2. There is no oxidative discoloration in the high temperature brazing environment of Ni - based brazing material with 1050~1150°C, the brazing material has good spreading and good high-temperature brazing performance;
3. Good resistance to high temperature oxidation;
4. Good cold forming properties;
5. Good corrosion resistance;
6. Good physical properties, low linear expansion coefficient, relatively high modulus of elasticity and Poisson's ratio. Therefore, in view of these characteristics, we believe that J444E has the best competitiveness in these conditions.

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