Square wall bracket | Tube holder | Handrail project

For people to hold tight.

Designed for: Light to medium use
Use: Indoor and outdoor
Varieties: Wall mount 
Applications: Stairs and balustrades
Material: 201, 304 or 316L quality stainless steel
Diameter: 50.8*50.8 mm

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Installation is a breeze with the included mounting hardware, and the bracket can be easily adjusted to fit any handrail size. The sturdy construction of this square bracket provides reliable support, ensuring that your handrail is safe and secure.

*All JINLING RAILING SYSTEMS are open to customization per your local AHJ and your designs.


Square Wall Bracket Specifications
  Material / Type Finish Size
Bracket SS201 Satin/ Polished          
 Powder coat

Diameter: □50.8mm
Handrail Stainless steel square tube Satin/ Polished          
 Powder coat
40*40mm, 44.5*44.5mm, 50*50mm, 40*10mm
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Other than the original stainless steel finish, you are free to choose a unique colored finish for your railing system, either by powder coating or electroplating, making it matte or metallic.

quality stainless steel wall mounted handrail

A modern interior railing project aims to create a sleek and stylish look that complements the contemporary design of the space. One popular choice for this type of project is a stainless steel bracket that can be adapted to wall and glass. The stainless steel handrail provide an extra protection for people in the space.

*All JINLING RAILING SYSTEMS are open to customization per your local AHJ and your designs.


stainless steel wall mounted handrail bracket

wall rail bracket

square wall rail bracket

Frequently Asked Questions:


Do you make commercial and residential railings and stairs?
Yes, we can always customize our railings and stairs to be compliant with your local building code, no matter they are commercial or residential projects. You are more than welcome to raise your designs, thoughts, requirement for us to improve the products, whether you are a homeowner, builder, contractor, or architect. We are looking forward to work with you to create the railings and stairs you desire.

How do I get railing or stair pricing?
The material, size, shape and style of your railing system will determine the final price. For an estimate, just send us a drawing with approximate dimensions such as railing height, type of top rail and mounting method. Don't worry, your drawing can either be an architectural drawing or as easy as a hand sketch.

Can the railing be modified to fit my project?
Yes, all the railing systems can be customized to fit your standard. You can modify based on Jinling Railing Systems with custom mounting plates, top rails, required heights, special finishes, infill and much more. Based on the dimensions and specific challenges of your job site, we can provide you the improved design draft or CAD/3D drawing for you to know clearly what will your bespoke project look like as well as the mechanic structures.

What are the material options for railing posts?
You have multiple choices for you railing post material, including stainless steel type 316L, 304 or 201, steel, and aluminum. 

What types of top rail and handrail are available?
We can fabricate top rail and handrail from stainless steel, steel, aluminum or wood in a variety of profile shapes.

Do Jinling Railing Systems meet building codes?
Railing codes and municipalities vary from city, to county, and state. Always check with your local building department for local codes and requirements.

We provide one-stop solutions for your project from design to final products. We have a design and engineering team to make and improve the design with you. Based on the approved design draft, the production team is ready to go. Our welders, polishers, and operators have worked with Jinling Steel for over 10 years. Undoubtedly, they are worth trusting.

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wall-mounted handrail manufacturers
wall-mounted handrail manufacturers

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