Residential Guardrail: Protecting Your Family and Property

We rarely mention them on purpose, but guardrails are an important barrier that stands to protect us from certain dangers and probable accidents at home.

Understanding Guardrail

Usually, guardrails are designed to be waist or chest-high to ensure the safety of residents on higher floors, or maybe to prevent or deter unwanted intrusions and little bit of privacy in the terrace, balcony, or any open spaces of our home while allowing light and visibility to visit the home freely.

While meeting different requirements, guardrails can be used in both residential and commercial applications. Not only are they intended to keep us safe while going up and down stairs, balconies, and other elevated walking surfaces, but they also create a clean, professional look.

Guardrails come in different shapes, styles, and heights depending on home design. While guardrails come in a variety of styles and configurations, most guardrail systems consist of a top rail, an intermediate rail, posts, pickets or balusters, and a bottom rail. These parts all work in unison to protect family members and anyone else who visits your home.

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Where Are Guardrails Required?

Guardrails are typically used around stair treads, landings, staircases, elevated platforms, openings, accessible roof spaces, patios, and other hazards. You can find guardrails used in a variety of different settings for safety and barrier purposes. Whether used commercially or residentially, guardrails must meet stringent load requirements to ensure they will provide protection throughout their intended use.

Guardrails Play an Indispensable Role at Home

Guardrails play a crucial role at home, particularly when it comes to safety and accident prevention. Guardrails are protective barriers designed to prevent falls, provide support, and guide movement in various areas of a home.

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Here are a few important roles that guardrails play:

Fall Prevention: Guardrails are commonly installed along staircases, balconies, and elevated platforms to prevent accidental falls. They provide a physical barrier that helps to keep people, especially children and elderly individuals, from accidentally stepping off edges.

Child Safety: Guardrails are essential for childproofing homes, especially for families with young children. They prevent curious children from accessing dangerous areas like staircases or balconies, reducing the risk of accidents.

Elderly Support: Older individuals often have reduced mobility and balance, making them more susceptible to falls. Guardrails offer support and stability, allowing seniors to move around with greater confidence, particularly in areas like bathrooms and hallways.

Increasing Accessibility: Guardrails are not just functional safety features; they are pathways to freedom and independence for individuals with limited mobility. Custom guardrails can be installed in various areas, such as stairways, bathrooms, and hallways, to provide support where it is needed most. The installation of guardrails in residential areas is a small yet impactful change that can make a world of difference for individuals with limited mobility. By promoting the installation of guardrails in residential settings, we can help those with limited mobility can move freely and comfortably in their own homes, and enhance their quality of life, leading to an improvement in their overall well-being and mental health.

Enhanced Aesthetics: Beyond safety considerations, a customized guardrail system can also enhance the aesthetic appeal. Modern railing designs come in a variety of materials, styles, and finishes, allowing you to customize them to match your home's architectural style. Whether your home boasts a traditional feel or a more contemporary look, you can find guardrails and railing solutions that complement the design while providing the necessary safety measures.

Note: Guardrail use is not limited to the above list. There are more creative uses of the guardrail waiting for you to discover. It's important to note that guardrails need to be designed and installed properly to be effective. They should be the right height, have appropriate spacing between vertical balusters or bars, and be securely attached to the structure. The precondition is that you shall check over your local AHJ which usually is different from jurisdictions. Of course, those requirements are just the basic line, and you can build your home at a higher level to protect your family better.

Jingling Creates Warm and Caring Guardrail Systems for You

You must want the best in safety and style at the same time.
Learning about the different designs of guardrails made by professionals may help you get inspired to create the perfect guardrail for your home.

Look Sleek: Traditional Stainless Steel Guardrails

Sleek is the word people usually associate with metal railings. Indeed, stainless steel inherently creates clean, modern lines that make any railing look great. Stainless steel is an ideal choice for those looking for a long-term cost-saving solution. You can choose from a wide range of designs based on your interior and exterior décor. We can also create other unique aesthetics with stainless steel posts. Round and square railings will complement whatever theme you have chosen for your home.

Look Modern: Glass on the Stainless Steel Guardrail

In a modern home, a creatively designed staircase will be a work of art. Choosing glass to be the guardrail and keeping the height low so that it can double be a handrail too. Toughened glass is available in the market which is strong and is a perfect material for guardrails. Glass as a guardrail provides a clean and clear look and makes the space look chic and contemporary with its mere presence.  

Look Reliable: Glass and Stainless Steel Guardrail of Mezzanine

In a duplex or multi-floor house, the mezzanine needs to be guarded but in style. That’s what tampered glass guardrail does. The Metal frame holds the glass in place, and it stands in protection but without compromising in aesthetics of the space.

Look Unconventional: Mesh of Metal on the Guardrail

The wire mesh railing system goes well outdoors and is also impressive in interior design. The combination of the stainless steel handrail and stainless steel mesh easily makes the system last longer thanks to the excellent corrosion resistance. The wire mesh railing system is a good try to build your own interior style.

Don't want to choose a conventional color? Maybe next time, if you want to change the mood a bit, be bold and use unexpected colors. Other than the original stainless steel finish, you are free to choose a unique colored finish for your railing system.  

Look Structural: Stainless Steel Cable Railing

Cable railing has the ability to complement different home styles, locations, and orientations. It can easily blend with traditional or contemporary house designs. Furthermore, you can make it more stylish by setting up the frame in a manner that fits the style of your home or using different materials. Mixing materials such as metal and wood can actually create some of the most dynamic designs. Cable railing combined with a touch of imagination will set your home apart and set your view free from obstructions.

Where to Find Stainless Steel Guardrails That Meet the Standards?

A guardrail is an effective way to protect your home. Would you like to build a unique outdoor or interior guardrail system? A unique and reliable design may lead your project to a new trend. If you are looking for guard railing and handrail systems for your home or business, Jinling will create the perfect one for you to enhance the look and appeal of your building.

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