Residential Balustrade
  • Residential Balustrade
  • Residential Balustrade

Residential Balustrade

Product Details
When a residential project run is required with low to medium-sized volume, we have the know-how, the capability and the experience to meet your requirements cost-effectively while ensuring high Q.A. levels. We can customize your balcony railing, stair handrail, hallway handrails, swimming pool glass railing, etc. We can supply stands to accommodate your unique needs and give guidance on the most suitable style for your organization.

Jinling’s product
We provide modular design railing products, there is no welding process while installing.
Flexible installation, time-saving, labor cost-saving, easy to maintain and replace.

Ordinary product
Welding is required during installation. 
The welding pose may rust if the welding quality is not good enough. Take a longer time and more difficult to install.

Jinling’s Quality supervision for the whole process
stainless steel raw materials stock → QC → stainless steel pipes process → QC → stainless steel fitting → QC → recheck before packing → → random inspection before loading