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Market Summary 19th,Apr

201: Both cold and hot rolling cut the price, themarket price surge, the actual market transactions with great disparity. Thecold rolling market is weak, the delivery quantity is less, 201 cold rolling isexpected continue to decline today , and 201 will keep weak in short-term.

304: 304 market prices fell to a low recently, fewmarket transactions . Cold rolling make the callback in some individual origin,TISCO 1219mm cold rolling reduce the guidance price to$2085 / ton, the marketfollow the price . Hot rolled market prices generally fell $15-30 / ton. Marketprice concession are still visible,

the transaction needs  to be improved.

430: Wuxi and Foshan market 430 cold rolled guidanceprice decline $15 when compared with the previous price . TISCO cold rollingstock price quoted at $1220-1235/ ton , even the high price at $1260 / ton inFoshan,

but only a few situation like this , and this phenomenon can beunderstood, the one is related to early inventory did not consume the highprice of goods, two is related to business sales mentality.

Since March, more than a month's time,whether it is 201 or 304, decline has been more than $150/ ton.

Infact, there is no lack of policy level, some measures support for the pricefrom the steel mill since this year:

1.From the national development and Reform Commission,the Ministry and other relevant ministries to Guangdong, Jiangsu, Hebei,Zhejiang, Jiangxi and other local governments, from top to bottom take policiesand measures to ban merchant mill and shut down intermediate frequency furnace,these news frequently appear in newspapers

2. Part of the steel mills were thrown out “overhaul”killer this month, and join the ranks of the overhaul of the steel mills havefurther expansion of the trend:

Guangdong Guangqing metal technology plansto over haul this month. It is reported that the maintenance

time about 7 days,thus affecting the output about 40 thousand tons, which 200 series and 300series each accounted for half.

        Chengde will plan to make the firstoverhaul for No. 1 blast furnace in 7 years. It is reported that the overhaultime may lasted 3 months, which will affect the output of 201 steel . Even cameout Chengde major equipment failure, which need to cut 40-50 thousand tons ofsteel production capacity, overlay with the first 1 blast furnace overhaul andexport factors will affect the output of 100 thousand tons.

        Fuxin steel will make equipment annualmaintenance and auxiliary power transformer with the update operation at theend of April , it is expected downtime will reach about 10 days, the influenceof steel making volume more than 25 thousand tons, which will mainly affect 304.

        SteelOverhaul, reduction of output , iron and steel cut production capacity, shutdown intermediate frequency furnace, environmental protection andre-inspection, various policies and initiatives,

can it make the stainlesssteel market warmer?