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Market Summary 20th,Mar


          last week, the decline in the market of the cold rolling 201 is notstable. Downstream customers chose to keep an eye on the market and holding.But this week, with the price of 201 became stable, the agencies said that the marketsituation has improved. Hot rolled prices showed a strong offer. There is a bigprice gap between the market price and mill’s reference offer. Currently millsprefer to keep the price stable, and it is expected short-term 201 market willsuffer from slight downward.


           Market prices tend to be more stable, although the market is stillfalling in price, but there is no significant impact on the market tradingatmosphere. As to cold rolling market, ZPSS slit edge price reached to $2325-2335/ ton. Thin material from Jisco was around $2220 / ton, while thick

materialwould be sold at a little higher price. The cold rolling price in Foshan andWuxi was in

the nearly same level. But the performance of hot rolled betweentwo places was different. Wuxi hot rolling price is weak, but Foshan is facingstrong. Expected 304 are not going to change to much in the short term.


          Foshan and Wuxi market TISCO 430 guidance price keep reducing by $15 /ton at $1315/ ton. Mills’ guidance prices get close to the market price.Besides, in the Foshan market, the agent 430 liked to quote with discount topromote sales that quotations was generally slightly lower than the previous.You could feel market trading atmosphere is poor, because there is notimprovement in the terms of terminal demand. In short term 430 market isexpected to stabilize weakly.