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Market Summary 13th,Mar


      The price of cold rolling decline while hot rollingprice is going up! Anshan Steel Lisco LH cold rolling quote FOB $1485-$1525/t,which decline $10/t, however, the price are strong in some place of Origin like Baosteel , Chengde, Hongwang at around FOB $1500/t. Anshan Steel Lisco cut theprice of a signal to the  market,  201 cold rolling price without stable .On theother hand , 201 hot rolling price exceed FOB $1420,  and the gap with the coldrolling is also reduced, from the current performance trends, cold rollingprice is falling while hot rolling price is still on the rise, Owing to theinfluence of environmental protection intermediate frequency furnace, 201 hotrolling performance better than cold rolling . Desolate cold rolling, mighty hot rolling !


          Lowvolume of sale and falling price of nickel cause the price of 304fall, Tisco 304 cold rolling decline $30/t, Hongwang and Yongji decline $15/t,because Tsingshan and ESS Steel on price remains unchanged, which lead to someagencies do not decrease the price too much, and less Resources in low price onthe market.


           The external market began callback, themainstream market still tend to slow and small fall. Wuxi Market 430/2B Tisco base price at $1330, since February ,the ordertraded at a low price, according to the specifications of transaction operationhas not been broken, there is no shortage of short-term market to support themarket price, plus the bad turnover,market low turnover has been stable at $1300-1315/ton, the price of Jisco in $1315-1340/ ton. If the recent market has notimproved,  the slow and small fall price of 430 is difficult to unharmed.


           From the stock market, the gap between 316L coldrolling and hot rolling was small. Hot rolling price started to go down modewhile cold rolling was still in a stable state . Hot rolling in Guangqing andESS price declined below $2730. Even, the base price in Guangqing at $2720, andthe price in ESS at $2720-$2745/t, but the price in Tisco and Zpss were stillin stable .Cold rolling was mainly for the ups and downs of the dilemma whoseturnover is bad, but hot rolling prices were still high, not much room for coldrolling went back today, TISCO and Zpss prices keept steady $2785 / ton.