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Market Summary 27th,Feb


           On Monday, steel mills opened the pricetogether in the early morning, while they all closed the price before noon!From the agents reaction, as 201 rise in price is unusually hot currently, someCHENGDE mill’s agents only had a few of size goods. In addition, HONGWANG mill’sresources were reducing, so the price was increased at 15-75 USD/MT!  Except forcold rolled, hot rolled price also rose at 8-15 USD/MT.  On Tuesday, QINGSHAN  mill launched guidingprice, 201-J1 strip coil guiding price  including tax rose  15 USD/MT  than yesterday’sprice. HUAYUE HEJIN, JINGHUI and CHENGDE all closed the price! As for coldrolled, LISCO and HONGWANG guiding price rose 15 USD/MT, and market pricegenerally rose 30-45 USD/MT. As for hot rolled, price didn’t rise today.On Wednesday, LISCO cold     rolled guidingprice rose 15 USD/MT. HONGWANG guiding price was the same  with  yesterday’sprice.Yesterday price was rising, everyone were cheerful, while today pricedidn’t rise a lot, so the atmosphere was not so high. Today the market pricemaintain yesterday’s price. Because lots of agents have increased the priceafter yesterday afternoon, price mostly was filled up in today early morning.However, market recovered silent afternoon.

Therising price of 201 would not keep increasing. It need to be more carefully tooperate during the rising market.


       304 stainless steel price kept rising, itrose 30-45 USD/MT  compared to last  Friday  price.   A lot of private origins risein price at 15-30 USD/MT. In the afternoon,  because of the    good transaction,available resources were short, and some merchants chose  to close  the price.Foshan 304 price still kept rising onTuesday, it rose 15-30 USD/MT.  In this round,304 price was rising stably.Merchants said, their transactions were basically good, so they chose to rise alittle, relatively steady.In Foshan market, 304 price  was  facing  somedrops on Wednesday, it fell 15-30 USD/MT. Lots of private resources  price fell30 USD/MT,and the transaction price still had the fall operation. Hot rolledmarket was relatively stable, ESS and CHENGDE kept operating steady.Accordingto market feedback, the arrival of goods was intensive recently. There wereplenty of goods on the market. It’s expected that merchants mainly sell goodsin the near future.


           Last Saturday TISCO mill’s 430 guidingprice was increased 8 USD/MT. It quoted FOB 1385 USD/MT, the same with lastweek price. This week 430 market still was not improved obviously, and theprice performance was flat. In addition, market demand was still not improved, andmerchants mainly quoted stably. Currently traders mainly sell the goods, somarket would not talk about rise in price, especially in the current conditionof enough cold rolled resources.Generallyspeaking, 430 price trend was weak. Although the main price was stable andsteel mill guiding price was increased, some traders still reducing the price.The reason is the inventory pressure is too large, which make the fund tight.In the short term, 430 market would be steady. Delivering goods and reducing inventoryare the urgent matter.